An Inspirational Father’s Day Book that will touch many lives.

“Do you have anything for the boys?” That was the question that seemed to confront Author Demitri C. Kornegay at least once on every book tour or reading for his bestseller, “Dear Rhonda –Life Lesson from A Father to His Daughter.” Despite his commitment to mentoring, coaching and the passion that lead him to found an award-winning “Rites of Passage” program called “Men Under Construction,” mothers everywhere still seemed to be crying out for help in the form of a mentor for their sons whose fathers were not there.

Once again, the man known simply as, “The Deacon,” boldly steps forward answer the call with his latest book, “MAN UP! No Excuses! Do the Work! Life Lessons for Men Under Construction.”

In this book you will find invaluable advice and information on subjects such as, the importance of knowing your history, peer pressure, racism, handling disappointment, when you should fight, the “N” word and so much more. Like “Dear Rhonda,” each “chapter” is written in letter form, from a father to a son. These chapters include topics such as: Love, Heartbreak & Marriage, The Importance of Fatherhood, and Money. The chapter on “Dating” is hilarious and yet still manages to make its point.

This book will not only serve as a partial guide to life for both young and old men alike, but it also encourages conversations between children and parents to go further into the topics addressed.

Finally, the prayers of that mother that has been desperately searching for a mentor or an understandable reference book for her son on how to be a strong, productive, positive good man has been answered by a man who has had over 20 years of experience in supporting and encouraging men.

©Demitri Kornegay 2007

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